• Local control
  • Personalized service
  • Reliable on-time deliveries
  • Congestion-free access

South Dakota Port users have this to say:

Bell Inc.

Paperboard Box Manufacturer

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"South Dakota’s Port of Entry is critical to the growth of our business. It has cut our lead-time in half. We like that we can clear customs locally, while creating more economic prosperity. We know whom we will be dealing with and we like the quality of people. We hold each other accountable."

LodgeNet Entertainment – Jeff Stahl

Corporate Traffic & Logistics Manager

Hotel Entertainment Systems

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Jeff Stahl brings electronic goods and components from the Far East through the Sioux Falls port. "It's been an excellent situation for us,'' he says. "It gives me a little bit more control.''
Stahl not only knows when his shipments arrive, he knows quickly if there are problems and can be on hand to fix them immediately. Ports in Minneapolis, Chicago and Long Beach are busier and slower, he says. When it comes to manufacturing, even a two-day delay in shipments can make a huge difference.

South Dakota Furniture Mart – Holly Bresee

Furniture Retailer

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"We prefer to use the South Dakota Port of Entry in Sioux Falls. Freight is moved through in an expedient manner and we know everyone involved in the process. If there’s a question or concern we can handle it right here."

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Freight Carrier

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"Our daily international flight from Calgary utilizes the Port of Entry to and from Canada. Easy access into Joe Foss Field provides us the opportunity to complete the customs’ paperwork in a timely fashion, so service to our international and domestic customers meet and exceed industry standards."