Google Earth

In addition to online maps and country information, this site offers a geographical glossary.

Graphic Maps - A World Atlas


This tool can help you locate a foreign city or locate your foreign supplier’s office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant. Once at the web site:

  1. Select MAPS
  2. Enter your suppliers address, city and country and select GET MAP
  3. Once you receive your result you can change the view from a national, regional, or street level.

Of course, this same tool can help everyone else in the world find you as well.

National Geographic Map Machine

Standard Time Zones of the World

This one map (JPEG image 2719 x 1454 pixels) takes a while to download but outlines the time zones in the world

University of Texas - Perry-Castaneda Library

World Cities

This site contains links to world city maps.

World Maps

This site contains links to numerous maps and map web sites.