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Who provides Freight Forwarding services in the Port area?

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What does a Freight Forwarder do?

As defined by the US Dept of Treasury.

The services of a freight forwarder are often needed in the import/export process. This person advises clients in the logistics of how to transport goods to or from any area in the world. Freight forwarders are familiar with the import laws of foreign countries and make sure that the exporters shipment of goods comply with those foreign laws and that all paperwork is certified by the proper authorities. A freight forwarder will locate the best or most inexpensive vessel to transport the importer's/exporter's shipment of goods and to make certain that these goods get from the importer's/exporter's location to their destination. In addition, the professional forwarder is aware of the constantly changing regulations which affect cargo movements, such as foreign documentation requirements, hazardous materials rules, U.S. government regulations, special packaging or handling restrictions, and any applicable licensing provisions.
There are two types of freight forwarders: ocean freight forwarders which are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), and international air cargo agents which are accredited by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA). The manner in which goods are transported (air freight or ocean shipping) depends upon the type, weight and size of the cargo, required speed of delivery, destination, and cost. Goods that are being shipped overseas must be properly packaged and marked. In deciding what packing method is best, exporters must consider the type, weight, destination, and mode of shipment of goods as well as the required protection against breakage, moisture and theft. The freight forwarder will provide invaluable advise as to the best way goods can be transported overseas.