Freight forwarders arrange for all ocean freight. All ocean freight that is ultimately destined within our ports region is either a full container or less than container load (LCL). An LCL consists of one or more pallets of product, where as a full container can be either floor loaded or palletized product.

Once the overseas vendor has placed his product into the container, the container is transported by truck to the overseas port on a chasis, the container is lifted by crane and placed on a ship. This ship arrives at a US Coastal Port and the container is removed by crane and placed on a flatbed rail car. The rail car is railed to either Minneapolis or Omaha.

At that time the LCL freight is removed and trucked to the Sioux Falls Port or the full container is trucked to the Sioux Falls Port. If this freight is cleared by Customs and Border Protection before it arrives at the Sioux Falls Port it is delivered to the consignee.