Time and Holidays

Julian Calendar

If today is the first of March and a shipment is due in 120 days, what date will that be? The Julian Calendar makes it easy to calculate. March 1st is day 60 plus 120 days = day 180 or June 29.

Standard Time Zones of the World

This one map (JPEG image 2719 x 1454 pixels) takes a while to download but outlines all the time zones in the world.

World Holidays

Wondering if a holiday will affect your international communications and commerce? The PRN International site lists 230 countries and 2,700 holidays in an easy to access format.

World Time and Dialing Codes

This is a handy tool. Enter where you are calling from (country & state) and where you are calling to (country & providence/state) and then click START SEARCH. The results outline the date AND time difference AND the international dialing codes.