How to use

Every person and organization in the Port area benefits from the South Dakota Port’s infrastructure that transports:

  • bits and services via our telecommunications
  • people via our air services
  • goods via our air, rail, and interstate highways (I-90 and I-29)

Specific South Dakota Port uses include:

  1. Private and chartered aircraft entering the United States can make Sioux Falls their first stop and clear Customs at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, a landing rights airport. To learn more, visit our aircraft section
  2. Air freight carriers, like United Parcel Service (UPS), schedule daily international air cargo flights in and out of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Visit our Port -> Benefits section to learn how UPS benefits from the Port.
  3. From time to time, exporters authorize their customers abroad to return products or equipment for replacement or repair. Proactive exporters, interested in making the return easy for their customers and cost effective for their business, set up a return system. An important partner in this process is employing a Customs Broker. To learn more visit the broker link and contact one in the Port -> Directory.
  4. Some buyers depend on US based distributors to import for them. And, some inexperienced importers rely on their foreign suppliers to determine the carriers and routing of their shipments. However, experienced importers learn:
    • they can import directly and save
    • they can benefit by using the South Dakota Port
    • they can reduce their shipping costs and time by employing the services of a local Customs Broker
    • they can delay or reduce the payment of import duties by utilizing a Foreign Trade Zone or a customs bonded warehouse
  5. Associations, businesses, community and state leaders, libraries, students, teachers, and travelers benefit from the Port web site:
    • they quickly locate and contact local international services
    • they learn and utilize the useful global commerce tools
    • and, they enhance the value of the Port web site by contributing events, newsworthy press, and useful tools